April 29TH, 2011

Physical Grafitti by Peeta

Just when I thought everything has been done when it comes to grafitti, this guy Peeta pops up. I’ve seen a lot of ways of approaching grafitti, but this is real fresh. Found on Behance.



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April 28TH, 2011

The Consult

Beautiful and creative print projects by The Consult.

April 27TH, 2011

Published by process

I haven’t ordered this yet, but it seems like this Process Journal by  Published by Process is a must-have in my shelves.

April 26TH, 2011

No days off

Like most great graphic design studios nowadays No Days Off also is located in London.

April 17TH, 2011

Photo-lettering by House Industries

Interesting type tool by House Industries inspired by the old technique of photo-lettering.


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April 8TH, 2011

Cartlidge Levene

New fresh work from the great studio Cartlidge Levene. Their approach is simple, clean and classic. Strong on type and printbased design.

April 4TH, 2011

Saab PhoeniX 2011

If Saab is going to produce these kinds of cars in the future, my next (first) first car is goin to be a Saab. Check out more at Saab.com.