July 26TH, 2011


The fantastic and experimental studio Pianofuzz in Brazil has some real cool projects thats right up my alley. Horribly fuzzy and quirky flash website, but lovely projects like this for Filo Festival.

July 24TH, 2011

Illusions & surrealism

I just found this great and clever illustrator Tang Yau Hoong at Behance. Lovely illusions and playfull ideas. He (or she) is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a new hotspot for creatives it seems.

July 21TH, 2011

Muggie Ramandani

I’ve been following Muggie for a long time on Behance. Now they also appear as a coverstory for September Industry with one of their many great identity projects.

July 19TH, 2011

Tall painting

I saw this a while back and thought I should share it with you guys. Lovely experiment that looks really good on video.


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July 17TH, 2011

Faces by Dina Linnik

Funny photo-illustrations with just the right mount of wrong to be very right.

July 5TH, 2011

Michael Cina at Gestalten TV

Miochael Cina has been a huge inspiration for me, ever since I discovered WeWorkFor Them. Michael continues his success both with design and art.


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July 4TH, 2011

Russian Carpet

Russian Carpet is a interesting image blog I haven’t come over before. Lots of eyecandy to enjoy.


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July 1TH, 2011

The making of a Coca-Cola neon sign, 1954

Check out this lovely article in Creative Review about the making of a Coca-Cola neon sign.


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