KalleGraphics is my alter ego. It’s the alias I use when I do my own thing, wether it is playing around with typefaces, photos, drawings or sometimes doing a little design project for friends. I use this space to have fun, to keep playing, experimenting, moving and evolving.  I’m trying to stay engaged, and up to date with my skills and the rest of the world. Here I have a place where I can do what I want, avoid repetition and rules. I like to discover, I like to share, I like to be seen and I love design.

I work full time as a senior designer at Mission and have been enjoying that since december 2003. Here I work mostly with identity on big and small projects. It has become our speciality and have given me the opportunity to work on all aspects of visual communication, from the logo at the core, to animations, websites, magazines, signage and much more.

Before Mission I worked a little while in a little studio called Manual Design with Thomas Knutstad.

I started out studying fine art at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, thinking I was going to become an illustrator. I mean, I had been drawing in all my schoolbooks since first grade, so why stop now? But there where no school that had illustration in Norway at the time. The closest was Skolen for Grafisk Design (now a part of Westerdals) that had some illustration in as a part of the course. But that’s when I was introduced to design and computers and the slow turn towards the dark side had started. My last year at school was in Melbourne, Australia. Yeah I know – on the opposite side of the globe! I finished a bachelor degree at Swinburne University of Technology with a great bunch of people, before turning back to freezing cold Norway. Miss you guys!

Together with Mission I have won severeal prizes over the years, but haven’t gotten around to document them. Amongst them is gold and silver at Visuelt, Merke for God Design and more. I have also been featured in several design books and magazines with Mission work and as KalleGraphics. Amongst them is the Los Logos books, Logo (by Laurence King), A Book Designed to Help (Gestalten), Onehundred at 360 (Laurence King) and more.

You’ll find me many places on the Internet. Why not check out my Flickr page or have a look at my pinterest board. Have a go:

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