April 2TH, 2013

Uniform Wares by Six

Not really news, but I had to publish this fantastic project by Six. Minimalistic perfection.




March 26TH, 2013

Fourth by North

The cute and quirky shop Fourth Floor Corner Shop have got a visual makeover by North.

March 22TH, 2013

Colorplan by Made Thought

The brilliant people at Made Though have yet again done a brilliant project. Simplicity and poetic beauty with uncompromising approach to materials and production. This time its Colorplan that got the makeover. You should check out their website!

February 19TH, 2013

Li Hui

Amazing analogue photography with sexy undertones by this asian talent.



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January 6TH, 2013

New work from Anagrama

Lovely new and original work from the brilliant guys at Anagrama.

October 22TH, 2012

Lowdi by Momkai

The fantastic Dutch digital creative agency Momkai have done som amazing branding for the wireless speaker called Lowdi. I love the animation, the colours, the typogaphy, the packaging and most of all the way it’s presented. Wicked!

October 19TH, 2012


Check out the fresh reel and new projects in the portfolio of Smörgåsbord.

October 15TH, 2012

Motherly Care by NB

NB have done a great job creating this identity for Motherly Care with the right amount of warmth, charm and originality, without overdoing the cuteness like so many other brands.

October 3TH, 2012

New Mission Brochure

We’ve made a new brochure at Mission about the process of creating a brand. It’s designed to match the first one with samples of project and the challenges we helped solve. A third one is in the making!

September 30TH, 2012

John Barton

Promising new talent with a small but stunning portfolio.

September 27TH, 2012

BVD – Sweden

The talented people at BVD in Sweden has launched an amazing responsive site with fantastic simplicity and usability. Their work isn’t bad either. Check it out.

September 11TH, 2012


Feral Kid aka João Ruas paints a haunting world inhabited by enigmatic figures and regal beasts awash in a maelstrom of mysterious energies.

September 7TH, 2012

Raw Color

I’m not sure if RAW COLOR is a agency, or just two people having fun. But this project is just beautiful. Lovely type and fantastic colors.

June 19TH, 2012

Established NYC

A great studio with a wide range of projects from architecture to packaging.

June 1TH, 2012

Made Thought for GF Smith

Finally some news from the awesome studio Made Thought. This time a brilliance in pure simplicity and paper engineering. Check out the project at September Industry.

May 23TH, 2012

Analogue memories from Vietnam

Check out the photos I took on my trip to Vietnam last month. I even tried out a rare infrared film that is no longer in production.



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May 18TH, 2012

Dutch Invertuals

Curious about how they did these pictures and videos. Read more about the Dutch Invertuals.

May 14TH, 2012

Grafills new site

The Norwegian design and illustrations organisation Grafill has got a new site. Not bad!


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