I’m mostly doing font designs for my own sake and for the design of it. I’m not an expert on FontLab and feel finished with the project when the whole typeface is design. So most of my projects are handset letters drawn manually. But from time to time I try to get through the painfull process of making the font for real. And if I can, I share it with you guys. Thanks for all kind words so far and keep in touch!


This is Kilogram a free font I’ve designed based on Nick Curtis’ font Anagram. Have a look, give me your feedback and download my version of the font. I’m also very happy when you send me samples of how you’re using the fonts in real projects. Enjoy!

Download KiloGram.otf

Alpha Ruler

This is a free font you all, made with the all familiar stencil ruler. I liked the way the letters are rough and controlled at the same time, and of course the recognizable reference to the classic tool. By filling inn the whole letters I got two different “weights”.

Download AlphaRuler.otf