April 2TH, 2013

Uniform Wares by Six

Not really news, but I had to publish this fantastic project by Six. Minimalistic perfection.





March 26TH, 2013

Fourth by North

The cute and quirky shop Fourth Floor Corner Shop have got a visual makeover by North.

January 6TH, 2013

New work from Anagrama

Lovely new and original work from the brilliant guys at Anagrama.

October 22TH, 2012

Lowdi by Momkai

The fantastic Dutch digital creative agency Momkai have done som amazing branding for the wireless speaker called Lowdi. I love the animation, the colours, the typogaphy, the packaging and most of all the way it’s presented. Wicked!

October 15TH, 2012

Motherly Care by NB

NB have done a great job creating this identity for Motherly Care with the right amount of warmth, charm and originality, without overdoing the cuteness like so many other brands.

September 30TH, 2012

John Barton

Promising new talent with a small but stunning portfolio.

September 7TH, 2012

Raw Color

I’m not sure if RAW COLOR is a agency, or just two people having fun. But this project is just beautiful. Lovely type and fantastic colors.

June 19TH, 2012

Established NYC

A great studio with a wide range of projects from architecture to packaging.

March 31TH, 2012

Manual Creative

A few relative new project from the amazing agency Manual Creative. I especially like this project for the restaurant Wo Hing General Store.

March 22TH, 2012

Sofia by Anagram

A beautiful project by the amazing branding bureau in Mexico; Anagram.

December 5TH, 2011

The Royal Danish Achademy by Daniel Siim Studio

Check out the clean and lovely projects by Daniel Siim Studios.

December 2TH, 2011

Ray Lemon by LSDK

Great identity by the German studio LSDK.

November 4TH, 2011

Fuse Collective

An interesting collective from Polen. They got several interesting projects in their portfolio.

September 25TH, 2011

Trigger Oslo by Anti

The Norwegian designers at Anti keeps pushing out great stuff. This time it’s a cute colorful identity for Trigger Oslo, a clear contrast to their usual darker style.

September 7TH, 2011


Artentiko is a interesting studio from Polen. Check out their projects on Béhance.

August 14TH, 2011

Network Osaka

This is a interesting guy that I previously haven’t heard about before. Network Osaka describes himself as an artist pretending to be a designer. That’s an interesting twist. Usually it’s the other way around.

August 12TH, 2011

Scandinavian DesignLab

This Danish agency have a new site and some great new projects.

July 21TH, 2011

Muggie Ramandani

I’ve been following Muggie for a long time on Behance. Now they also appear as a coverstory for September Industry with one of their many great identity projects.