October 15TH, 2012

Motherly Care by NB

NB have done a great job creating this identity for Motherly Care with the right amount of warmth, charm and originality, without overdoing the cuteness like so many other brands.

September 11TH, 2012


Feral Kid aka João Ruas paints a haunting world inhabited by enigmatic figures and regal beasts awash in a maelstrom of mysterious energies.

September 7TH, 2012

Raw Color

I’m not sure if RAW COLOR is a agency, or just two people having fun. But this project is just beautiful. Lovely type and fantastic colors.

June 1TH, 2012

Made Thought for GF Smith

Finally some news from the awesome studio Made Thought. This time a brilliance in pure simplicity and paper engineering. Check out the project at September Industry.

March 31TH, 2012

Manual Creative

A few relative new project from the amazing agency Manual Creative. I especially like this project for the restaurant Wo Hing General Store.

August 5TH, 2011

Jan Freuchen

A good friend of mine, the artist Jan Freuchen has recently published his new website.


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May 1TH, 2011

Liquid to light

Origami taken to a level where it involves saving the environment and industrial design. How? By folding old juice cartons into beautifull lamps! The brian behind this beautifull construction is called Edchew.



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