March 26TH, 2013

Fourth by North

The cute and quirky shop Fourth Floor Corner Shop have got a visual makeover by North.

October 22TH, 2012

Lowdi by Momkai

The fantastic Dutch digital creative agency Momkai have done som amazing branding for the wireless speaker called Lowdi. I love the animation, the colours, the typogaphy, the packaging and most of all the way it’s presented. Wicked!

March 31TH, 2012

Manual Creative

A few relative new project from the amazing agency Manual Creative. I especially like this project for the restaurant Wo Hing General Store.

November 4TH, 2011

Fuse Collective

An interesting collective from Polen. They got several interesting projects in their portfolio.

September 7TH, 2011


Artentiko is a interesting studio from Polen. Check out their projects on Béhance.

July 21TH, 2011

Muggie Ramandani

I’ve been following Muggie for a long time on Behance. Now they also appear as a coverstory for September Industry with one of their many great identity projects.

June 14TH, 2011

Identities by Kurppa Hosk

Some of the guys from SDL started up Kurppa Hosk in 2009 and have already several great identity projects behind them.


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June 12TH, 2011

Hampus Jageland

The Swedish designer Hampus Jageland makes some nice identities. But this one is close to genius.


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March 25TH, 2011

Mikael Fløsand

This guy shows up in different blogs with his final exam project for Deichmanske bibliotek. It’s an interesting and retro style approach with lots of personality. Check out his site.


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February 28TH, 2011

Aol animated identity

Universal Everything have collaborated with Wolff Olins on animating the ever changing identity of Aol. Fantastic abstractions and animations. See more animations here.

December 15TH, 2010

Missions new project at Behance

We at Mission just published our latest project at Behance. Follow the link, read about it and “like” it.


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November 7TH, 2010

Los Logos 5

This is old news by now, but I am featured in the latest Los Logos books. This is the fifth time Gestalten publishes the brilliant book, and the fourth time I’m in it.